In the world there are lots of normal people, some geniuses and only one Carola Merkelfrumkem.  A super geek who gets the best grades at school, gives extra classes to the teachers and invents things that astonish the most eminent scientists. But, to her classmates, Carola is invisible. And Carola grew up without a loving family and isn’t used to spending time with people of her own age.

Annie is a cutting-edge robot who can cheer up the gloomiest day, but also get those around her into the most unbelievable trouble. A spontaneous, naive, uninhibited android who isn’t scared of anything or anyone and who doesn’t understand the human world and its rules.  If we add to this the fact that her emotional regulator does not work as it should, the result is explosive. Sometimes her rheostats overload with happiness, which makes her run up the walls and gallop across the ceiling. At other times her circuits are overloaded with feelings of empathy and Annie goes around hugging classmates and teachers at the most inopportune moments.

Toni Platino is a skinny guy, with a miniature brain but who behaves as if he were a towering Adonis. In his youth he was a boxer, super featherweight. Now he’s personal trainer for Brad, his dog, who he treats as if his canine beauty competitions were the hardest and most masculine of sports, something that has led to more than one row with his wife.  He isn’t a bad person, but he completely ignores Carola and her friend. He spends most of his time watching sport on TV.

Esmeralda is the brains of the couple.  She ordered the demolition of the house/astronomic observatory that Carola’s parents had built and built a new house in its place in the shape of her darling dog. She is also responsible for the interior décor and for styling Brad’s fur. Esmeralda spends a fortune on clothes, hairdressing and beauty treatments.  She thinks she has an irresistible charm. Like her husband, she has never cooked, washed up or done any other house work. For that she has Carola and her inventions.

Brad is a clever and devious dog who hates Carola because she is the only one in the family who doesn’t treat him like a prince. Brad sees Carola as his slave and can’t stand the fact that she won’t play along.  He can’t talk, but he’s more intelligent than his owners and manipulates them to do what he wants. He plans and executes twisted acts of mischief and ensures that it always looks like Carola’s fault. His owners adore him and spoil him, as they see him as their passport to the Pasmopolis jet set.

Nilda has it all. Intelligence, popularity, beauty, sports skills and the most amazing and glamorous wardrobe in Pasmopolis. Nilda is used to being the star and the centre of attention and has been so since she was born. But all that is thrown into doubt the day that invisible nerd Carola arrives at school accompanied by her strange foreign friend.


Sara and Regina are a team and are officially Nilda’s best friends, an honour which places them very near the top of the social hierarchy at school. To earn this privilege, both girls must pass difficult daily wardrobe and style tests, as well as swearing total loyalty and obedience to Nilda.


Annie and Carola live in Pasmopolis, where they stick out like a pair of sore thumbs. An old-fashioned, sleepy town where the most exciting event before Carola created a robot friend in her bedroom-laboratory was the discovery of a potato that bore a passing resemblance to the high school principal.  The inhabitants of Pasmopolis, a place where until now every day was the same as the day before, are about to be stunned by the crazy events created by Carola and her strange foreign friend. Pasmopolis is an amazingly normal place where really weird things happen.

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