Age: 14 years old.
Cover story: High school student and everybody’s servant.
Secret occupation: Masked crusader serving the common good.
Problems: Shy and insecure.
Most treasured object: The mask she inherited from her father, and which she believes is magic. With it she feels invincible, without it a complete nobody.
Cinderella’s true powers: Empathy, sensitivity, bravery, imagination and determination.
She hates: Injustice.
She loves: Dancing! And she’s really good at it.    

Cinderella is a teen with a double life. On the one hand, she’s a shy high school student who always sits at the back, and on the other, a popular heroine with an exciting, adventure-packed life.


Age: 15 years old.
Personality: Egomaniac and a narcissist.
Obsession: To be more famous than the Masked Princess.
Spends her time: Setting traps and giving orders to Cinderella.
Extra duties: Part-time apprentice at the villains’ club of which she’s dying to become a member.
Dreams: Have her own fan club and reality show.
Intelligence: Hugely talented at manipulating, lying and generally being evil.

 Horrible witches, terrifying giants, evil spells; there are few places with so many evil villains as the kingdom of Once Upon a Time. But none of them are as unbearably tasteless as Gertrudis, Cinderella’s older stepsister.


Age: 13 years old.
Intelligence: Very, very limited.
Obsession: Pets.
Dreams: Of being a princess and wearing pretty dresses.

For Cinderella, having a stepsister like Gertrudis is bad enough. Having another stepsister like Sebastiana is enough to send her over the edge.  Gertrudis’ little sister Sebastiana follows her orders without thinking. To be fair, Sebastiana, doesn’t do a lot of thinking. The few active neurons in her brain are busy daydreaming about clothes and accessories.


Age: 13 years old.
Intelligence: Super mega gifted.
His friends think he is: A nerd who’s nuts and a bit weird.
Personality: Fanatical, obsessive, a hypochondriac and scared of everything.
Phobias: Wide open spaces, enclosed spaces, storms, dragons, pizza, but above all, magic!
He loves: Science, technology and musicals!

Everybody knows Merlin is the greatest wizard. Everybody except him. Merlin is a weakling and a geek and afraid of everything. He thinks he’s allergic to magic, so he keeps away from it like Superman and Kryptonite. But, if it’s life or death, he can use magic, if he takes scientific precautions like hiding in his cauldron or tying a magnetized frog to his head.


Age: 14 years old.
Usually looks: Beastly.
Appearance on magical occasions: A very good-looking boy.
Personality: Surly and easily annoyed.
He loves: Music. He’s an accomplished pianist.
Father: Media magnate in the kingdom.
At high school they think he’s: A freak. Humans think he’s a monster and monsters think he’s human.


His name: Charming is the most famous prince in the kingdom. He’s always invited to all the balls and parties, but Cinderella can never remember his name.


Pinocchio, the wooden puppet who thinks he’s a real boy, Arthur, with the qualities to make him a good king but very clumsy on a day-to-day basis, the Frog Prince who can’t decide whether he prefers being human or amphibian, Little Red Riding Hood, the three pigs, the three bears and the other talking animals, all make up the geeks at the Brothers Grimm High School. They all admire the legendary Masked Princess, unaware that she is Cinderella, one of their classmates and someone who they see as a real geek.


Sleeping Beauty, a distinguished princess who suffers from narcolepsy; Snow White, beautiful and pure as an apple; the Little Mermaid, who dreams of having legs and moves around in a bath tub on wheels; Rapunzel, Aladdin, princes, knights, fairies and other students are all part of the unofficial “cool gang”. Cinderella is invisible to them, but they admire and envy the Masked Princess.

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