Myriam Ballesteros

Following extensive academic training in the audio-visual industry (a degree in media studies, film direction at New York University, production, scriptwriting and editing at the University of Navarra, audio-visual production for BBC and EAVA, animated cartoon production and film marketing at CARTOON, etc) Myriam Ballesteros set up her own production company, M.B. PRODUCCIONES, in 1993 to create, direct and produce several short films and the animated series MIMI & Mr BOBO ( 26 x26´) and  MIMI &THE GANG (30 X 7’), co-produced with TVE.

In 2003, she founded Imira Entertainment with Sergi Reitg where she was creative director, creating and directing series such as: LOLA & VIRGINIA (52×11’), co-produced with Millimages, TV3, ETB and FRANCE 3, SANDRA,THE FAIRY TALE DETECTIVE (52×13’), co-produced with RTVE, DQ Entertainment and TF1, LUCKY FRED (52×11’), co-produced with DISNEY, TV3, RAI and TOP DRAW.

Myriam also created other series for the company some of which are not yet in production, such as RIP XL, HOP & CALAMITY, TUBE&VICTOR, MONDO YAN and others. She was also responsible for developing the transmedia storytelling associated with the productions.

In 2015 she sold IMIRA ENTERTAINMENT and relaunched her own company, MB PRODUCCIONES, with the aim of continuing to create and develop series and animated films with a more personal and daring focus where women and girls take centre stage. Myriam is currently working on the animated series ANNIE & CAROLA and MASKED CINDERELLA and on an animated film, provisionally titled EGUZKI.